Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First day of our blog

Hey everybody my name is melody and my husband name is brian we are young parents in the world I am 19 and my husband brian is 21. We just had a baby boy he was born on dec 22nd 2008 he weighed 6.0 pounds and he was 18 1/2 inches long. We named our son Conner shawn michael anthony cowell. We call him out little monkey lol.We r starting a blog to help all the young parents out there with a baby make it through rough times not like we r going to live each day for you lol But we hope to relate with parents like us that are experiencing thesame thing we are going through the love happiness the times u wish u could just shove the baby back in and make him/her be quiet the sad the worried everthing that comes with being a parent.
Tuesday 04/28/09
My poor husband had to go into work today after staying up in the hospital room for 4 1/2 hours vomiting and feeling like he was a oven we only got 4 hours of sleep befor having to meet karen (grandma) to pick up conner. Karen had to got to work and insisted us being there right at 7:45 in the morning no later than 8:00 am well me and brian finally got up threw on some clothes and headed for the door about 7:35 lol we are not morning people. well we arrived at 7:59 not 8:00 yet lol we picked up our little one and headed for home but not before we saw chick fil a ummmmm sounds so good so we HAD to stop and get some breakfast. After we had out bag of chick fil a we headed home pulling in the drive way us arguing of who was going to get conner out of the seat we have a 2 door honda accord u should see us trying to get conner out the back hilarious lol ha ha ha well i ended up getting him coming into the house and sitting down brian went upstairs to get the quilt and to try to go back to sleep Yeah right like thats gonna happen lol well i headed up stairs with the baby in my arms and putting him inhis crib and turning his lullibys on heading straight for the bed brian already in it of course all most asleep untill RING RING RING OUR PHONE ALARM lol well we reset it knowing brian had to be at work in an hour and a half well ok we set it for 5 min but hey its better than nothing right so we aid our heads back down and our ringtone went off my mother was caling we just decided to give up so got up brian got ready for work and we were on the run again. I dropped brian off at work and brian will describe what happened at work
BRIAN: this morning i felt awful from being up all night at the hospital so on the way back home from picking up our monkey i called the bossman, rob. i just started at subway in the past week so i really didnt want to ask for a day off or w/e but i did the next best thing, ask if i could leave early lol. robs a great guy and i think hes really cool. unfortunately the best he could do was let me off an hour early. lol. but anyways i decided to leave my hospital bracelet on so theyd think i was a leppur at work or something lol. and today was the day the health inspector came. haha! my manager asked if id take it off and i said i couldnt because i had to keep it on for later... dur and he said ok just if anyoen asks tell them u were visiting someone at the hospital... right!!! but anyways after being half conscience the whole day and leaning on the counter because i thought i was going to pass out cold, i finally got off!!!!! yay! i stepped outside and saw melody and conner and i felt so much better then. now i feel better im just tired from the hospital last night. well prolly get to rest though because we dont have to listen to conners lungs hit unheard of notes... lol.
melody: well my day went totaly diffrent i had a appointment to see my diabedic doctor today WOW THAT WAS FUN i recently lost my insurance so i really have not been doing what i was suppose be dong but antways my a1c was 9.2 almost the worst it can be and my sugars are just way out of control so means i got my insurance back i am starting to do everything right in the process of walking out i called conner doctor and asked if there was an appointment cancelation for today because conners exzema was just about the worst it could have gotten she came on the phone and said is 245 alright and i said great that would be great the kind nurse said k we will see u then. On my way out the door i was not looking forward to the walk back to the car it was a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG WAYS OUT THERE but i did finally make it with my wallet my phone my keys conners bottle ,blanket my meds my test meter and of course conner i did make thank god lol i put conner in the car seat and beagn to my next mission pharmacy people drive so bad in southcarolina they act like we r on ice when they drive and truthfully i dont remember a time the roads were every icy but they drive like idiots i almost got hit 3 time none of them being my fault lol but i mad it to the pharmacies dropped them off and weent to get my tongue ring changes conner just enjoying the ride soon after that heading back to pick up hubby and daddy i arrived at 1;00 brian got off at 1'30 i had 30 min to wait not long at al i shut off the car and waited. finally brian walked out with a big grin on his face and smiling awww i missed himmm so much moving on we headed for conner appoionment walking in and not waiting long before getting called back the most exciting part about the doctors is asking questions he now weighs 13 pounds and 8 ounces and he is 25 inches long he is going to be so tall me and brian curiouse asking question "when is he going to start crawling"? about 6 mo when is going to say his first words ? About the same time he crawls when can he hold his bottle? about 6-7 mo and my hubby being a smart ellec asking when can he make his own bottle lol ha ha well we all know the answer to that ha ha soon after that he had to get his shots which he was not happy about but grandma and grampa was watching him tonight lol ha ha not to metion conner was going to be very crankey but hey grandma wanted him lol so me and huuby are kicking back and relaxing for the day till the next day goodnight everone